27 June 2017

The fixed income markets traditionally have been interdealer markets. But the acceleration of electronic trading in the space is paving the way for new ways of trading Treasuries.

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8 March 2017

The US Treasury market has gained yet another electronic trading model that splits the difference between the dealer-centric peer-to-peer and all-to-all trading models. Trading platform operator LiquidityEdge launched its LiquidityEdge Select many-to-many market in mid-October 2016 with to address what it views as the shortcomings of the anonymous all-to-all model. In its many-to-many model, users can choose among liquidity sources that are identified by the firm’s name or by a LiquidityEdge-assigned numeric identifier while maintaining their existing relationships.

15 December 2016

2016 was a year of change for electronic trading in the US Treasuries market. A number of innovative alternatives to incumbent electronic venues were launched, some closed, some grew, and some have still yet to make it off the whiteboard. What is clear is that the marketplace is more diverse than ever, as post-crisis regulatory reform has led to a steady decrease in banks’ market making activities and non-bank firms have stepped in to fill their shoes.