Electronic US Treasuries (UST) trading venue LiquidityEdge today announced record trading volumes during October 2018. Average daily trading volumes reached USD 15 billion, whilst on 3rd October, participants traded over USD 22 billion in US Treasuries across both on-the-runs and off-the-runs.

Electronic US Treasuries (UST) trading venue LiquidityEdge has launched the market’s first ever fully electronic aggregated streaming service for off-the-run USTs. Three primary dealers including Barclays and Credit Suisse have signed up as liquidity providers and are actively streaming prices on the platform.

LiquidityEdge, a new electronic platform that offers the first fully disclosed relationship-based trading model for the US Treasuries market, has signed up over 50 customers since it commenced live trading, with interest in the platform continuing to grow. The first trades were executed in early August with volumes ramping up throughout the last four months.