Customer Support

Customer Support FAQ

Who regulates LiqudityEdge?

LiquidityEdge is regulated by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)

Who can participate on LiquidityEdge?

All banks, professional trading groups, including hedge funds

What instruments are supported on LiquidityEdge?

All on-the-run and off-the-run US Treasury securities, as well as on-the-run vs on-the-run Curves. Further securities to be announced when available.

What price granularity is supported on LiquidityEdge?

  • For coupon on-the-run and off-the-run instruments, 1/8th of 1/32nd is supported
  • For Treasury Bills, and When Issued coupon instruments, ½ or ¼ of a basis point is supported

What connectivity options do I have?

  • Internet (using SSL)
  • Cross Connect
  • Third Party Extranet Providers

How can I access LiquidityEdge?

  • LiquidityEdge offered user interface
  • FIX protocol
  • Itch / Ouch protocols

Can I leverage my existing Currenex connections?

Existing physical connections to Currenex can be utilized

How does credit work on LiquidityEdge?

  • Credit limits can be assigned on a 30Y equivalent basis
  • Notional amounts traded are converted to a 30Y equivalent level using system assigned ratios
  • Any match that results in a 30Y equivalent credit used exceeding the assigned credit limit will be rejected, and the offending bid or offer will be cancelled
  • Automated email alerts will be delivered to emails on file when the credit used on a credit relationship reaches 80% of the assigned limit

I have an issue with my LiquidityEdge terminal, who do I contact?

Please call or email the LiquidityEdge support team:

+1 646 630 7410

Platform Hours

LiquidityEdge will observe all official US holidays in accordance with the SIFMA Holiday Recommendation calendar

*Now supporting Asian trading hours